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mesana is based on a sophisticated concept for measuring and improving your health, quality of life, and performance. mesana uses a small sensor to analyze heart activity (ECG) and can make statements about stress levels, activity in everyday life, sleep recovery, and heart health. In these areas, mesana identifies your potential and weak areas. You will be given tips tailored to you personally on how to develop your potential and counter your weaknesses.

The highly sensitive measuring system of the mesana Health Check records your values directly at the heart and is therefore very accurate. In addition, influences from all health-related areas are taken into account: mental health, nutrition, sleep, environment, activity and fitness. mesana thus gives you a comprehensive and in-depth overview of your current state of health.

The sensor measures the electrocardiogram (ECG), acceleration in all three spatial parameters, respiration, temperature, and air pressure.

No, all the system can do is detect movements and the position of the body. Location detection is not possible.

The mesana measurement measures – like a cardiologist – the ECG directly at the heart. In addition to the 1-channel ECG, the sensor uses a 9-axis accelerometer to measure body position and rotation rates on the upper body. Please note that activity data (e.g. step count) measured at the wrist may differ significantly from activity data measured closer to the body’s center of gravity. In addition, mesana combines the 48h measurement with a comprehensive survey of symptoms and also provides information on the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke, and sleep apnea.

As with your doctor, we also require some information from you in order to prepare your personal health report. With the help of your information, we can better assess your measurement data and identify existing risk factors. In addition, it is possible to compare your subjectively stated values, i.e. your perception, with your body measurement data after the measurement.

In a first step, the data is analyzed fully automatically – the algorithms used were previously validated in studies. The results are then reviewed by us and, if necessary, evaluated by a physician.

When ordering the mesana sensor, you can choose between three shipping methods for the health report (i.e. which way you receive your health report after the measurement). Standard: Download your health report securely from the mesana cloud after your measurement. You will receive a personal password card with the sensor in the mesana box. Your health report is available to you in the cloud for 4 weeks. After that it will be deleted. Alternatives: Receive your health report printed in the mail or unencrypted via email.

We do not recommend mesana measurement if you are pregnant. A variety of physiological changes occur in the female body. Among other things, energy requirements and heart rate increase. In addition, the increased physiological stress leads to an weakening of HRV. Consequently, the measurement data collected by the mesana Health Check can only be evaluated to a limited extent in some sub-areas.

If you wear a pacemaker, we do not recommend measurement with mesana. If you nevertheless plan to take a measurement with mesana, check with your doctor or with the manufacturer of the pacemaker whether it is possible to operate an electrical device in the immediate vicinity of the pacemaker. However, keep in mind that a regularly stimulating pacemaker may influence your heart rhythm and thus also the mesana evaluation, and certain parameters in the mesana health report may lose their usefulness.

Various pre-existing conditions can affect the results of HRV measurements. Cardiac arrhythmias, atrial fibrillation, diabetes, hypertension, and sleep apnea are some examples. In addition, some medications affect your heart rhythm, which may cause some mesana parameters to lose their usefulness. Arrhythmias are usually detected and hidden when calculating heart rate (pulse) and heart rate variability. This may result in the corresponding periods being shown as white areas in the graphs in the health report. We will inform you if you have indicated any medications in the health questionnaire that may affect HRV.

If you have sensitive skin, or if you are aware of an electrode patch intolerance, please contact our support team before ordering the sensor. We will be happy to show you the alternatives to the mesana electrode patch.

No. mesana will give you valuable information about your health, which you can then take to your doctor. mesana cannot replace a medical examination by a doctor. If you experience any discomfort, uncertainty, or other signs of illness, be sure to contact your physician.

mesana is currently not a medical device and therefore may not be used for medical diagnostics.

mesana is a single-channel ECG recording that can be used to register rhythm-based ECG changes. mesana is currently not a medical device and therefore may not be used for medical diagnostics. In the event that we register what we believe to be relevant physiological abnormalities, we recommend a medical examination in the appropriate place in the health report.


We recommend performing the measurement in a period which is particularly representative of your everyday life. The measurement runs for 48 hours after the start. It is advisable to wear the sensor for at least one day at work.

The measuring duration is fixed on the sensor. Once the measurement is started (vibration signal), it runs without interruption for 48 hours. It is worth repeating the measurement after six to twelve months to check whether health measures have been successful.

To ensure a good result, we recommend starting the measurement within three days after you receive the sensor. This way you can be sure that the battery of the sensor will last for the whole measurement. However, if it is not possible for you to start the measurement until later, you may do so. The battery usually has a life of 10 to 12 days from the time of shipment.

No, the sensitive sensor technology and the electrode patch will be damaged at high temperatures.

No. The sensor is only protected against water splashes. Submersion in water will damage it. However, a normal shower is possible while wearing the device without any problems.

Light exercise, such as moderate jogging or weight training, is possible. Contact sports should be avoided as there is a risk of the sensor being torn off or broken. Also, the adhesion of the electrode patch may decrease due to heavy sweating.

In principle, the sensor can be worn on an airplane. However, you might have issues at the security checkpoint. You should indicate that the device is a medical device.

Of course, we recommend performing the full measurement (48 hours). However, if for personal reasons you want to stop the measurement a few hours before, you can do so. In this case, enclose a short note with the return shipment. If the measurement is shorter than 24 hours, the usefulness of the results is severely limited and it is not always possible to generate a health report. Unfortunately, the measurement cannot be interrupted and resumed at a later time. The electrode patch can only be applied once. Re-application may result in poor measurement data due to the reduced adhesion of the electrode patch.


Please note that your sensor has a battery life of approximately 10-12 days from shipping. A measurement is therefore only possible during this period. If you find that you cannot perform the measurement in the specified period, contact our support. We will arrange a new delivery date with you.

Absolutely! The sensor is only lent to you and is needed for our next customers. Even if you can’t perform the measurement, we need it back promptly.

If you have a flu/cold/ and you are resting and in bed, the activity and fitness section will reflect that. You will not be able to track your ordinary everyday life. In addition, the body is generally weakened, which may also be reflected in the ECG data. If the measurement is already running, you can still wear the sensor. Afterwards, write a short message to our support, or add a note accompanying the return shipping. If the evaluation is not conclusive, you will receive a free repeat measurement.

We recommend starting the measurement as soon as possible after you receive the sensor. If the start of the measurement is delayed, please note that your sensor has a battery life of approximately 10-12 days. A measurement is therefore only possible during this period. However, please note the following:
– Is the sensor’s LED flashing regularly at 5-second intervals? Then the sensor is ready for use.
– If the LED is no longer flashing, return the sensor to us as described in the instructions. We will check the situation and if necessary we can send you a new charged sensor again.

Sometimes it takes longer for Deutsche Post to deliver a shipment. A shipment addressed to company addresses sometimes gets stuck in the internal mail. Unfortunately, tracking is not possible. Sometimes it is also helpful to verify your address with us. It may happen that it is entered incorrectly. If the sensor arrives late, the measurement can still be started up to the 10th day after shipment.

If the sensor is still blinking at 5-second intervals after it has been applied, has never blinked, or is blinking in a color other than green, return the sensor to us and notify our service department. To do so, use this contact form or add a short note to the return package. As a rule, the sensor shows the following flashing pattern when applied: – Before application, the sensor flashes slowly (approx. every 5 seconds). – After applying, the sensor flashes quickly for 30 seconds. Then the sensor vibrates briefly and the measurement starts. – During the entire measurement period of 48h, LED and vibration are switched off. It may happen that you do not notice the vibration alarm at the start of the measurement.

If the sensor has become detached from the electrode patch, you can simply put it back on the buttons. This will not interrupt the measurement. If the sensor has not been attached to the electrode patch for many hours after the start of the measurement, please consult our support or enclose a short note with the return.

If the sensor is visibly damaged, you should stop the measurement immediately. Please also notify our service and tell us what happened. Use the contact form for this purpose or write a note in the sensor packaging when returning the sensor.

If the electrode patch comes off the skin, you can try to press it back on and fix it with another patch. If the electrode patch repeatedly comes off, or at least one of the electrodes is not firmly attached to the skin, you must unfortunately stop the measurement. Keep in mind: The adhesive properties are greatly reduced on moist, hairy or oily skin! If necessary, enclose a short note with the return shipment.

The electrode patch and electrodes are made of biocompatible material and have been dermatologically tested. The material of the electrode patches is also used in medical wound care and is absolutely skin-friendly. Nevertheless, skin irritations may occur in isolated cases. If this happens, you should end the measurement prematurely. The irritation usually goes away after a few days. If necessary, contact our support to inquire about alternative electrodes.

It is best to first remove the sensor from the electrode patch by grabbing behind it with your thumb and index finger. Only then remove the electrode patch by stretching or unrolling it to the side. Heat and humidity help to remove the electrode patch.

Return shipping

Keep the following things in mind: Are neck, waist and hip sizes measured and recorded? Are the sensor and electrode patch placed back in the center of the package? You can discard the mesana slipcase with your address on it.

If you have lost or thrown away the original mesana box, you can also send the sensor back to us properly packaged (e.g. bubble wrap).

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We will cover the postage for you for a shipment within Germany. If you are returning the sensor from a non-European country, please pay sufficient postage on the return box if you have not already done so.

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